Princess Sth.

The British shipyard Princess Yachts is known for building cabin cruisers from 40 ft (approx. 13 m) to 40 m long luxury yachts. Their offer does not include a boat of fewer than 30 feet, nor does it include a boat with an open deck. However, this seems to be going to change.

A few weeks ago, photographs were taken of an open-deck, 30ft, masking-colored boat built in Portsmouth by BAR Technologies. BAR Technologies is a design and construction company which is the result of the participation of Ben Ainslie and Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing in the last edition of the American Cup race and the experience and skills gained on this occasion.
Very, very shortly after the photos were revealed, the new yacht was admitted by Princess Yachts shipyard from Plymouth, also at “P”;) It turned out that Princess has established cooperation with BAR Technologies and is working together on a completely new unit, which has just been “caught” in the photographs from the BAR Technologies test centre.

The yacht was fully covered with geometric patterns to cover the real lines of the hull and deck. Most shipyards, in order to hide the details, would cover the deck with material or build a temporary boat. Most, yes, but not Princess. Katie Sheppard from Plymouth College of Art was chosen to camouflage the yacht and she was one of 20 students at the BA Texted Design and Surface Pattern course who competed in the competition to design a new version of “Dazzle Camouflage” for Princess Yachts. The original “Dazzle” was created by Norman Wilkinson for the Royal Navy ships from the beginning of the 19th century. The characteristic geometrical patterns are intended to be confusing rather than concealing. This year we will see how much the new version of this camouflage has confused us because the shipyard is announcing the premiere of the yacht still in 2018.

For the time being it is only known that the yacht will be built entirely of carbon fiber, will be about 30 feet long, it will be an open deck unit, stuffed with modern technologies and the latest solutions. The yacht is to launch a completely new line of boats from Plymouth.

I have already seen attempts by shipyards specializing in luxury cabin yachts to build open-ended boats. Most of these projects were very successful and had spectacular premieres, but later somehow they were quiet and completely disappeared from the offer. How will this be with the new Princess Yachts project? We will see in a few years, so far I’m waiting for the premiere of the yacht, without camouflage.


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