Jogging for beginners: The ultimate guide for your first running steps

You want to go running, see it as the perfect sport to balance your hectic life and to lose weight. Very good decision – in this article you will find everything you need to know about jogging for beginners.

But there’s also a problem – you’re not in good shape and you’ve been watching sports on TV for the last few years. You have no idea how to start so that you don’t end up frustrated on the couch again after a few attempts.

I know the problem. Every now and then I started running and after a few attempts I gave up unnerved. Much too strenuous, as I was completely out of breath after a few minutes and so my training rarely lasted longer than 10-15 minutes. The motivation for these units soon sank to zero and so the plan – finally to do more sport – was already history after a few days or a maximum of weeks.

Before you start, you have to prepare yourself, of course. This is also necessary for such a simple thing as running. I have summarized the most frequently asked questions of run beginners in a run FAQ.

The most important thing about your preparation will surprise you. It’s not the running shoes that come first, but a goal. What exactly do you want to do with running? To be able to walk 5 kilometers is the classic at the beginning. It is realistically achievable even for absolute beginners in 8-12 weeks and therefore almost independent of the prerequisite not too difficult, but also not too easily achievable.

All you need for this goal is self-discipline for regular training and appropriate physical health. If you have diseases of the cardiovascular system or your joints, you should consult a doctor in advance.

Next, to a target, you need running shoes. While the first unit may still walk with an old pair of sneakers, good shoes should be worn soon. Do yourself a favor and get advice from a specialist dealer. With a running style analysis, you will find the right shoe and therefore more fun.

When it comes to clothes, the onion principle applies. It doesn’t have to be the High-Rech clothes. Cheap sportswear made of functional fibers will suffice at the beginning. You’re ideally dressed if you’re slightly cold when you start.

A small professional tip – two hours before your workout you should refrain from large meals. You don’t have to drink anything on the way. If you drink a large glass of water right before and after your workout, you will definitely not need anything.

Your first steps – jogging for beginners
The be-all and end-all for getting started are jogging and walking in alternation. A break will help you to hold out longer. So it is by no means a goal to run as long as possible until you can no longer.

Only when you manage 5 kilometers in a row by jogging and walking in alternation should you complete endurance runs. This is especially true if you carry around a few kilos too much on your ribs.

A training plan is not absolutely necessary but can help as an orientation. Running three times a week would be the best way to start. Twice is the absolute minimum and everything above and below I would not recommend to beginners.

For example, start with 20 minutes running one minute at a time and one minute walking alternately. If the minute break is not enough to bring your pulse back to a bearable level, you should run significantly slower and, if necessary, take a longer break. In the beginning, the jogging sections should be only slightly faster than the walking break. The slower you run, the faster you will improve.


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