Ship trips (cruises) are becoming increasingly popular. Find your next or even your first cruise from the comfort of your own home. Dream trips available worldwide are displayed in detail and can of course also be booked. Secure your dream cabin at an early stage. Cruises are the new way to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Discover faraway countries, experience seas and oceans – so more and more people decide for a journey on the ship. Compare cruise offers and look forward to your next holiday. So relaxation goes today. Instead of a long flight, a Caribbean cruise is the ideal alternative to a long flight. On the deck you can sunbathe, cool off in the pool and reach the Caribbean islands after a few days. A holiday of a very special kind.

Mediterranean, Caribbean or Orient?

With cruises the world literally lies at your feet. Without needing the plane, you can travel effortlessly all over the world. If it is cold and wet with us, a Caribbean cruise brings you directly to the sun. The Caribbean is by no means one of the most popular destinations. Not only because of the good weather, an interesting mixture of pure recreation and the visit of completely unknown sights makes the Caribbean cruise an unforgettably beautiful holiday. Whether summer or winter – simply escape the cold and enjoy the luxurious stay on a cruise ship.

It is therefore always worthwhile to compare the current cruise offers. Just like in the hotel, the cruise ships offer children an animation programme. This also gives parents a little peace and quiet for moments for two. This romance far surpasses the atmosphere of a beach holiday. Here you stand in the evening under the glowing starry sky and enjoy your dream of happiness. Due to the pleasant weather, cruises to Asia are popular almost all year round. You can also reach Japan or South Korea on the large ship within a few days and at the same time enjoy all the advantages of a cosy beach holiday.

From the room with sea view you go after breakfast to the pool or to the fitness center. On cruises the days go by in a harmonious balance of relaxation and activity. The entertainment programme of most cruises today is aimed at a young audience. Whether Asia or Caribbean cruise, you have earned an eventful holiday. Here you can compare all cruise offers and look forward to a wonderful holiday. To the Orient or to the Caribbean cruise? Also interesting is the Persian route, which takes you on a cruise to Oman, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Along the Persian Gulf to the beautiful places from 1001 nights. Here you experience the fascinating contrasts of a modern country like Dubai and the desert. The golden sand glistens in the setting sun, camels get their drinking ration for the next days, while the Bedouins sit on the ground and prepare freshly roasted coffee. That’s why:

Cruise compare offers and decide

The Caribbean attracts with pure joie de vivre, delicious dishes and a charming landscape. Nothing could be easier than to leave everyday life behind and indulge in the pleasures of a Caribbean cruise. The special point for you: day trips ashore, the organization and planning will be done for you, while you just relax every minute. Large providers such as AIDA offer entertaining cruises for families with children. They moor at the famous islands like Barbados or get to know the secrets of the Colombian natives.

Here in Latin America or Mexico you also have the opportunity to get to know the beautiful underwater world. Organized dives or snorkel excursions are part of the active program of the most popular cruises around the globe. As soon as you compare cruise offers, you will find selected routes in America or an exciting Caribbean cruise. Far away or cruising in Europe? If you don’t want to take a Caribbean cruise right away, the Mediterranean or Northern Europe are perfect destinations. Even in October or November, temperatures are still mild during Southern cruises. A short trip of five or seven days is ideal for discovering the magic of cruises or booking a spontaneous holiday.

The most popular cruise destinations

Once you compare cruise deals, you have the choice between a long booked holiday and a wide selection of cruises or a last minute cruise. Especially fascinating are cruises to the far north, to Norway, Iceland or even Alaska. Even though there are no temperatures up here for a bikini holiday, the magic of the glittering ice is a unique experience. With such cruises Norwegian Cruise Line has interesting offers for you. Especially from the ship you have unique panoramic views, which are hardly seen at any other place. In addition to destinations in Northern Europe, the Norwegian Cruise Line also serves Alaska, Canada, the Bahamas and South America.

As a single on the way – cruise offers compare And even if you are as a single on the way, you will find among the cruises numerous providers. Thus the Costa offers Singlereisen in the Mediterranean Sea. A Caribbean cruise is also conceivable for single parents. It is important that you compare different cruise offers and choose the right season for one of the regions. Thus the Celebrity Cruises with a large fleet offers an extensive program of cruises. With smaller ships such as the “Azamara Quest”, a family atmosphere almost develops during the cruise. In the evening the cruise guests meet for dinner, where new friendships are made.

No Caribbean cruise – Now comes Norway!

This is where Hurtigruten (Wikipedia) comes into play. The ships belonging to the shipping company Hurtigruten AS have a long history. Once postal ships sailed along the Norwegian coast on a length of 2700 kilometres. Today the cruise ships pass by the mountains and fjords. Many cruise lovers therefore like to choose the Hurtigruten route between the offers for cruises in Norway. It gets really nostalgic on the nostalgic ship MS Nordsternen. The former mail ship sails to Spitsbergen.

Cruises of this kind are the highlights among the ship journeys. If you compare these cruise offers today, you can set sail tomorrow. Cruises on an expedition ship A holiday of a completely different kind is certainly the cruise on a passenger ship like the Fram. Up to 400 passengers can be accommodated in one of the comfortable cabins. The ship itself has a beautiful interior, which is influenced by the culture of Greenland. From such small to large cruise ships Hurtigrouten offers its trips, a look is worthwhile and you can compare cruise offers here. Expedition trips to Antarctica, to the eternal ice and there observe the northern lights, such cruises are uniquely beautiful trips that you will remember for many years to come. If you prefer the pack ice to the Caribbean cruise, then a voyage on an expedition ship is the right adventure for you.